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Facebook Ads: Bristol Marketing Experts Top Tips!

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Facebook Ads: Bristol Marketing Expert Top Tips!
Facebook Ads: Bristol Marketing Expert Top Tips!

Have you ever written out what you thought was a very sexy ad, put the right call to action in and even a great image only to find it's a complete waste of money?

Maybe you have thought shit, facebook ads don't work for my business! I get it, we all worry about the worst-case scenario but keep reading to find out a few key indicators to help you along the way with your marketing for your business.

Why do my Facebook ads not convert?

Bristol Marketing Expert Explains all below!

Firstly there are many reasons why your ads are not working in the way you picture when you hit that publish button, before you run another Facebook ad for your small business here are a few tips from our Bristol Marketing Expert who has not only been where you are currently.

BUT has generated almost 2 million in online sales for several bristol businesses, with 4 years of experience in driving revenue through paid ads (Facebook & Google).

3 Key Metrics You Should Know When Marketing Your Business!

CTR - Click-Through Rate

With over 2.06 Billion users on Facebook, which is around 38% of the world's population it's no wonder Zuckerberg has big pockets of cash aye!

Imagine you could show your ad to all these people, that would be great, wouldn't it?

Well, you're not alone with over 10 million active advertisers you really need to cut through the noise and make your ad not just seen but clicked. Whilst this all sounds like huge numbers depending on your industry the average CTR is 0.45 - 0.90%.

The higher your Ads Click Through Rate, the more chance of reducing cost & increasing sales, the top 10% of advertisers (with big pockets too!) are bouncing around 5-6% that's likely to be highly engaging, very seductive and rather hard not to click.

So how can you get your small local business marketing against the big dogs?

You need to write compelling headlines that seduce, intrigue and engage your ideal client.

Not catering to the needs of your avatar will only make them keep on scrolling past your masterpiece of work. So brush up on your copywriting skills homeboy because this is just the beginning of a very long learning process, you need a Hook that catches the reader's attention and grabs them by the throat (not literally but metaphorically speaking) to entice them with a convincing copy also know as a body with a clear precise call to action (CTA).

By doing this you're likely to turn that garbage click-through rate from a 0.5% to a 1.5% ad, if your getting between 1.5-2% I would class that as good in today's world of advertising.

For example for every 1000 people who read your ad, if 2% clicked you would get 20 new website visitors, this is just part of the battle but for now, that will do.

Our Bristol Marketing Agency seems to be hitting a great click-through rate of 3-5% depending on the niche, service and audience in case you were wondering.

ROAS - Return On Ad Spend

This is a vital metric to know if you're actually profiting from the ad you're putting out, however depending on the stage in the marketing funnel you are catering to will give different results.

For example to a prospect who doesn't know you, you're trying to seduce them into wanting to know more, you don't want to walk up to a chick in a bar and ask her to marry you, so let's see that charm make them intrigued and WOW them with your knowledge before hitting them with a fat BUY NOW button, this just ain't going to work TRUST ME I've also A/B Tested this!

Instead, focus on a soft copy/landing page just so they get to know a little, whilst you collect the data to then bring them down the funnel with your 2nd date aka Retargeting Ads.

It is within your retargeting ads you will soon find the ROAS being 4x, 5x. 6x, 7x and even 8x. It sounds impossible but it really isn't once you have the right prospect in your funnel, I personally achieved this when I took Bristol Meat Machine from £4k a month up to £25k a month in a matter of months. Even with the hardest of niches such as Man Made Beard Company where the market is so saturated now, attaining 5x on ads fighting against huge players in the game such as Amazon, Beard Struggle, mo bros & Brighton Beard Company.

It's hard but not impossible it's all done in the marketing, speak to your audience with the right message at the right time & these will soon turn from the WHO are you to GIVE me your product NOW!

Don't be hard on yourself if you're not getting these types of results, it's taken years to master the art of a solid ad & not to mention thousands of pounds. I have personally grown up around a sales-orientated family alongside working in sales even dating back to when I was in school the aim of the game is always the same, the only thing that changes is the method of approach and the audience you're catering to, I wanted to mention this as I'm no guru in the Bristol Marketing Space, Im a living practitioner wanting to help my local community not just survive but thrive within their niche.

CPM - Cost Per Metric

Wanting to hit big numbers with your budget, wondering if an ad is scalable within your allocation this is one of the key metrics I go by when wanting to hit a high amount of users.

Cost per metric is based on 1000 impressions, for example, if you were hitting 1000 people per a £1 each time (not always the case, very dependant on the niche) it would essentially cost you £1000. Again leading by example, I have had the opportunity to scale ads into their millions of views trust me when I say this you need a decent budget to cater for my most recent one was done at £2207.60 where I was targeting a cold audience with video ad creative, it was a cold audience but got in front of the numbers. When I retargeted the data & brought them down the funnel it returned a whooping 7.47 ROAS (That's a huge return!)

So now you know 3 key metrics to improve your ads hopefully this will aid you when it comes to scaling your ads in the near future, remember Social Media Marketing is a bit of a game but does come at a cost so don't be so harsh on yourself when you don't hit a homerun.

YOU WILL NEVER hit your first campaign out of the park, you need to A/B test the shit out of it to improve the metrics that once the needs have been met can provide a lucrative outcome for you and your business.

Thats the 3 key metrics you should be going by when driving your Facebook ads campaign to new heights, Start small and build your campaign up going in too high on price will just kill your budget and leave you wanting to shut down the business.

Even as a Bristol marketing expert, I have felt like this in the past, remember Facebook is also a business & trust me they will always push their recommendations on you even when it's not suited to what is actually best so they can gain more money from you.

Be smart, play careful and if you do want a professional, experienced Bristol marketing agency to help you level up your business hit us up, it's what we do daily & profitably.

We want to see local small businesses in Bristol not just survive but thrive so let us help you take the stress away from the digital unknown and become more confident in your results!

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