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SEO: 5 Reasons You Don't Rank On Google

Updated: May 9

SEO - 5 Reasons why your dont rank on google

Let's face it, diving into the digital world all sounds like sunshine & rainbows.

You think once you have a site live you're going to be hit with thousands of orders, possibly worrying you won't be able to keep up with the demand, fighting your way through the headache of order fulfilment.

Yeah, we can all dream!

I personally learned this lesson when I launched my first business Man Made Beard Company, the intent was there with high statistics across the socials thinking this is a one-hit wonder, shitting myself thinking how am I going to keep up.

The harsh reality is we get so caught up in the moment, excited for the launch and on the day it's a complete flop, with hardly any traffic which as a result gets a sweet fat slap in the face from the world of online.

Don't worry, it really isn't that simple to navigate through the online minefield of the digital age. I had to personally learn the hard way, even using many marketing agencies that hit me up in my spam box with so-called guaranteed results.

Of course, I dived straight in and started throwing my hard-earned cash at the clowns who never lived up to expectations nor did as they said.

So it got me thinking, in reality, they don't care about my small business in Bristol wanting to drive the sales and learn the strategies, I've gone about it the hard way!

Spent thousands of pounds, many hours doing courses, ebooks & simply digesting as much information as humanly possible just so I could hit a home run with my small startup.

However this wasn't the case, it had taken many years to digest, implement & take action towards the ideal target of converting many online sales within modern times.

So, what I'm trying to get at is this is not a home run when working on your SEO!

It takes time, plenty of hours, research & a lot of action, it's not just about putting a blog out there in the hope that thousands of people will come rushing to your website.

Jumping into SEO: 5 Reasons You Don't Rank On Google!

1. You have not done your research on relevant keywords

Relevant keywords to your industry an essential for building your structure, so focusing on your ideal prospect search terms is a must. There are many reasons to why they input to google search the specific terms they do & guess what!

There are also many different motives as to why they search the queries, for example, they could be looking at Purchase/Transactional Intent, Commercial Intent, Navigational Intent and Informational Intent. If your keywords match their search intent but your content doesn't match their needs BOUNCE BABY!

That's right if they don't instantly see what they're looking for it's highly likely you're going to lose that prospect.

This brings me to...

2. Google Ranks Website Speed

Have you ever gone onto a site & it took ages to load?

It's annoying as hell isn't it?

This sends signals to Google as a slow website which also reduces your chance of hitting that number one spot on Google, in fact, you'd probably struggle to hit page 5 at this point.

A slow site is nothing more than a pain for the user, this could be a key factor to why you're not ranking.

Do a speed insights test on Google to see how you get on, this will break down your load time and give you a better indication of how user-friendly your website is for your potential customers. If it's slow your bounce rate without a doubt with be high on the agenda of why you're not getting any sales.

3. High Bounce Rates = Low Rankings!

Yes, you would have probably guessed this one going by the other two points but Google is a smart algorithm and wants to only show people sites they are highly likely to enjoy browsing spending time on and even clicking through. If you can't keep a user on the website for more than a few seconds in comparison to tech giant Amazon then unfortunately you are out of the race to the top.

So by these 3 points, you now know your website has to be fast, engaging & includes the keywords being searched by your ideal avatar/client.

What other factors can be stopping you, let's see!

4. Your Website Is New

We all have to start somewhere right, however, it never works in our favour to be the newbie other than the ambition to succeed with your mission to provide a service or product to your ideal customer. Give yourself a break, put in the work and learn the ropes or you can use our digital marketing agency Bristol where we can partner our experience, and expertise and help you on your way to ranking within your niche.

With a little time, you'd soon see the free organic traffic coming through to your website, building your brand awareness and becoming a trusted authority within your industry.

5. Build Backlinks To Your Website!

It's hard to build natural back-links that help you grow your online presence without buying them BUT before you throw your money over at some clown trying to sell you dodgy back-links, THINK! If it was that simple don't you think everyone would be doing it?

Yes, they would be & if your found out by Google that you're building unrelatable, unreputable links you're going to get penalized and guess what happens then!!

Your website gets Shadow banned essentially where you'd never be found again, trust me it happens many people have been penalized but getting back to good website health isn't so easy, if I was you stay clear from buying links.

Build credibility, and promote your content via socials & slowly but surely with time these links will soon start appearing.

BONUS TIP: Don't expect miracles overnight this is a long-term game and can take months to years to really see any decent results, in your first year of launching don't think you're going to hit number 1 because you're probably not even going to get to page 3 ales you have the connections already to kick-start your back-links.

So write good content, ensure it's engaging, your website is fast and yes don't buy links!

Anyway, I hope you found this helpful & if you require any assistance with marketing your business then feel free to get in touch with our team today!


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