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Bristol Meat Machine Case Study

Updated: May 9

From £4k A Month To £25k Reoccurring In 90 Days!

Meat Machine

Let's dive into a little background to this gem of a client!

So Bristol Meat Machine has been a client since 2020, having been at rock bottom on the searches, with little to no traction on the site and sales at the worst point in their time this was no quick overnight fix.

One of the benefits of working with us here at CDR Marketing is we literally take everything off your hands digitally if you want to partner up with us, from full funnel builds & Website Design Packaged to highly explosive winning paid ads & consistent growth with your SEO for your long-term game plan.

This challenge has been a challenging campaign, just the way we like it!


So we literally went to the drawing board firstly focusing on the website, first of all, understanding the primary audience needed the site design to be simple, quick and efficient we stripped this horror of a poor converting e-commerce website back to basics.

The previous operator of the website had paid for a shopify theme which the owner was very keen on keeping due to paying out £800, with this in mind and how we wanted to position the products we got to work.

Removing a lot of the junk text as we say which is basically FAR TOO MUCH!

Attention spans have shifted over recent years and people aka YOUR PROSPECTS want to read less and see more from a visionary point of view BIGGER pictures, LESS text and compelling short sweet copy that also ranks on Google.

Condensing the pages, simplifying the customer journey and really going hard on the CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) we shifted the focus to the customer's needs and done it in a way to help save them time.

Check it out for yourself, pretty slick right?

Bristol Meat Machine

Conversion Rate 6.24% / Revenue Increase 540%

Having done this with the traffic currently being received from its loyal customers and a few odd newbies via the ads they were running (Boosted Posts Don't Work) we actually managed to gain traction from the original Conversion Rate of 0.72% up to an astonishing 6.24%.

We saw all-time lows of 4k a month online hitting a sweet spot of 5k in the first week after amended changes & utilizing the audience with solid Email Marketing alongside SMS to bring back those lost customers.

Now we had the website designed in a way we knew converted having tested it with a warm audience, it was time to build a funnel for the cold traffic and a solid campaign starting locally using the community first and foremost (this is also another benefit when running local service ads, these convert a treat as opposed to going nationwide where the cost could be more).

Whilst SEO was non-existent originally we wanted to build on this throughout our working partnership as the original traffic was 72 visits a month equating to £62 per month.

Using paid ads primarily on Facebook, we managed to gain a lot of new followers, and traffic to the site and really hit another milestone in a matter of weeks, NOT YEARS!.

Within 6 weeks of website design completion, implementing the Email marketing & SMS with fresh Paid Ads Campaigns we got Bristol Meat Machine over the 10k a month line and actually obliterated their original all-time high.

In the first full month, we managed just shy of 18k & built a stronger structure for customer retention. Whilst Bristol Meat Machine was on the lower end of the budget for online at this time having to work with £900 we did find that the returns were averaging out 11x ROAs (Return on ad spend) YEAH that was an awesome feeling but there is more…..

Now we had to recruit, shift some focus on the delivery from their angle and really focus on how we can work together to scale their business operation together, profitability but also without pissing off their customers, when running e-commerce it's essential to have a fast turnaround and make sure you can fulfil the orders in a timely manner.

With Connor’s experience of running multimillion-pound operations (64 Million to be exact) Bristol Meat Machine really benefited from having a partnership with us from all avenues and this is something CDR really brings to the table for many businesses.

Most agencies have never been involved in a hands-on operation, let alone managed and led the way to success multiple times on HUGE figures.

With that said, the bottleneck was turned the staff were recruited and we were in the wind!

Whilst the online was becoming even more popular in month 2 we started to climb the Google ladder to the top & had surpassed £500 in organic traffic which was phenomenal this is also partially due to the site website age and our knowledge of effective SEO tactics that don't spam your site with dirty backlinks that ruin your website presence.

With this said going into month 3 it was like Elon Musk & Space X Collaborated with us because it was all to the moon NO KIDDING!

In month 3 we got several top-of pages and flew past the £1k organic monthly traffic that saw a WHOOPING 1.42k visits, we decided to go an extra step forward and bring in Wholesale to the game plan where we saw our first 25k month since starting for Bristol Meat Machine.

HOW THE F**K did you do that said Tony the owner, we were looking to sell up and close down the business and now we are scaling, recruiting and working to a crazy turnaround.

It’s mad to think these are the types of possibilities for how things can turn around in a matter of weeks to months. With a little more time, work and implementation of local SEO in Bristol we found ourselves branching online from solely in Bristol to delivering nationwide within 6 months, with meat delivered as south as Cornwall and north as Scotland.

It has to be said even when scaling at such a rapid pace you will/may come into a few hurdles along the way for example when we did this building a team around the online delivery service and supporting the business's main bread and butter of the operation was no home run like the ads.

So ensuring you have a plan to expand, grow and recruit is a must when considering running paid ads, especially when you work with our proven method to generate more sales & leads online.

This all sounds like the perfect recipe for taking over the market but unfortunately, staffing is the biggest bottleneck within this type of business, with that being said after all the solid work with Bristol Meat Machine and having grown their organic Facebook profile to 35k followers and Instagram to 2.5k, Connor received the call from the local papers where he was interviewed based on how well the business is doing and how awesome the online presence is.

After the feature in Bristol Post for the work Connor has done, the freelance jobs stacked up from friends, customers and even random messages on social media it’s truly thanks to the team behind Bristol Post where Connor decided to follow up on, with a passion for business and helping others it's the perfect opportunity to take a passion, mix it with love and scale it to help other Bristol businesses.

It's bizarre to think this but that really was the nudge to kick off CDR Marketing, fast forward a couple of years, and many businesses helped globally now from around the UK all the way down under in Australia.

From website builds, to paid social media ads and yes what kicked everything off!

Some solid SEO for businesses with a long-term vision for the future has been the foundation of growth within our Bristol marketing agency, While it's not overnight stardom it has helped many businesses get seen and now make a profit month on month from recurring Google organic visits.

Whilst Bristol Meat Machine is essentially e-commerce with the opportunity to push wholesale, we have gone in with a full 360 approach to helping the business achieve new levels of success and to be found online digitally, Locally and nationwide.

So if you're in the Bristol area, you probably have heard of the meat van/meat man or meat wagon but this is the OG of meat lorries that have been in the trade for over 44 years backing to 1980 when Tony, first founded the business in the back of the market booming days before supermarkets were a thing.

Fast forward to the 21st century from market stalls to restaurants, the growth and achievements within this business have been astounding to hear, learn and be a part of I wish the very best for the future of Bristol Meat Machine and all their family, and team!

Now dominating the online space and the Bristol butcher scene,

where to next has to be the follow-up question to the landscape of this business.

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